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frequently asked questions

Here you will find some of the frequently asked questions and its answers. 


Q : What items are included in the sample pack? Or can we request specific items to be included? 
A : Yes, you can specific your interested product. Please define code number then we can arrange the sample if it is available in our stock. Color and design may not exactly alike and we will arrange the similar one for you.  

Q : On your website, will the price be lower if we order 100 piece compared to the 10 piece at minimum ?  
A : The prices in our website are the lowest prices. The minimum 10 pcs. per item is our minimum quantity per job ordering. The cost is not different for ordering handicraft product 10 pcs. or 1,000 pcs. per item. If you order in large quantity with the fix delivery, the cost may higher since we even have to pay for O/T in order to meet the deliver date. 

Q : Do your products have color stain or lacquer, or are they the natural color of the wood? 
A :The genuine mango wood color is ivory. Therefore, the color is stained and coated with lacquer. 

Q : Do your products water proof? 
 : No, they are not water proof so we would not recommend you to put water directly into the vase or to make them exposed with water. If you must put water inside a vase, then you could do so by putting a container first inside the vase. 

Q : How do I clean your product? 
 : Clean mango wood products in warm water using a mild dish-washing soap. Dry thoroughly immediately after cleaning with a soft lint-free towel. Never wash in dishwasher. 

Q : What are the benefits to mango wood as opposed to other kinds of wood such as teak, rosewood, or monkeywood?

:The mango tree is our native fruit tree. In Thailand, mango wood tree is cultivated in orchards all over the country. When the trees are getting old and give less fruit, they are cut and people will grow up new one instead. 

Q : Could you possible send me the catalogue and price list? 
:You can see our latest catalogue and information from this web site, which contains information in the enlarged pictures.
You can see and print our latest catalogue and information from this web site. Please sign up a membership in order to see the prices including new collection and best selling items.

Q : Do the products in web site can be decorated in special or exclusive designs? 
: We have our own factory, expert designers, and skilled craftsmanship. Therefore, customer's special and exclusive designs are welcome. 

Q : When will I receive items after I place an order? 
 : The duration depends on quantity of goods and production queue. Our normal Lead time is 4-6 weeks. Delivery times also vary based on the shipping method used.

Q : We were wondering if it would be possible to purchase less than your 5000 USD minimum. 
 : Our minimum is 5000 USD in FOB condition. However, you can order lower than our minimum but there is the additional charge 400 USD for the FOB handling charge, documentation and export formality. 

Q : I was wondering - the mango wood product smelt like smoky - is this normal, or it is because of the color it is? 
 : The smoky smell like bacon is normal. We dry the finished products in the woodchip-fired kilns for 170-200 hours in order to make them completely dry. This smell is simple for the hundreds hours in the wood fired kiln. Normally the smoky and the solvent smell are aired out for 3 - 5 weeks after the drying is done. 

Q: What should we do if product has defect? 
 : We take great care at our factory to minimize the chance of damaged or defective goods, but as with all natural wood, occasional defects may appear.

If you find a problem please let us know within 15 days after receipt of goods as we will admit your advice in timely stipulation. It is requested that you will send picture of defects then we will remake the replacement for the unacceptable items due to manufacturing defect and ship together with next order. Any other defect against storage, weevil from other source, transportation and natural disaster are not relevant.

Q : Do you have your own designer? 
 : WONGPITAK EXPORT CO., LTD also operates designing workshop, our designers continue developing new product in trend. New products you are seeing just a part of what we designed and created.

Not only customer keeps reviewing the web site but so do our competitors. They may be able to take advantage of that. Who knows, you will see same or similar product in another web site. You should be aware of this; we are pioneer of export mango wood product in Thailand especially in design and quality .

Q : What is considered natural defects in wood? 
: Our product is hand-made and made of natural material so cracks within the wood, knots, cross grain, gum of the tree can be seen. This is not defect caused by woodworking or damage. 

Q :How do I know my order has been confirmed? 
: Once you receive our proforma invoice and your deposit has been received, we will confirm receipt of the deposit and begin processing your order. 
You will also be notified when we ship the item(s) to you. Shipping details will be provided with reference document or tracking number.

Q :Can I purchase an item that is not or no longer shown on your website? 
:It's possible that we decide to discontinue the item and it has been removed from production line. Thus you cannot purchase that item. 

We own the rights to reserve all design, pictures and contents in our web site. It may not be reproduced, copied, adapted or used in any format except you have our express written permission.




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